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Journey Into American History (impressions)



The recent publication of the book "Journey into American History" (Udhetim ne Historine Amerikane) by Albana M Lifschin is getting attention of media and our readers in Albania and abroad..This this the first book about American history written in Albanian language, as Prec Zogaj, writer, put it:"It is a book that has been missing in our libraries.
Being asked about the purpose of her work, the author explained that she wanted to help new Albanian immigrants (mostly the adults) to learn the history of this great country where they will spend the rest of their lives."I felt an obligation to contribute to the spreading of American values to my compatriots. I believe in my heart that it is the duty of everyone who lives in USA to show to the world the benefits of this country, to represent it in a true light before the whole world. Especially now when America has become a target of terrorists, people from all over the world must have a better understanding of what America is all about and for what it stands.”

Professor Nikolla Pano of Western Illinois University in his evaluation about the book wrote:
The publication of Albana Melyshi Lifschin's book, Udhetim ne Historine Amerikane, will be welcomed by Albanians in the homeland and abroad who wish to better their knowledge of American history and life. The book covers the history of the United States from the establishment of the first permanent European settlement in the country at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 to the destruction of the New York World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. In addition to providing its readers with a panoramic overview of nearly four centuries of American history, the book includes chapters focusing on significant trends and movements at various periods of the country's history, such as: the industrialization of America and the rise of big business, the nation's emergence from isolation and its evolution to a world power, and the impact of the civil rights and women's movements on contemporary life in the United States. Furthermore, this work is enriched by the inclusion of biographical sketches of a broad range of notable Americans, including among others: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Clara Barton, Andrew Carnegie, Margaret Sanger, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King, Jr. This carefully researched and sprightly written book will serve as a useful introduction to the history of the United States for its Albanian readers and provide them with a solid foundation for further reading or study in this area.

Professor Peter R. Prifti from California on his commentary about Mrs. Lifschin's new book, among others wrote to her:
I think your account of the journey is balanced, fair-minded and straightforward. You write with obvious sincerity and great respect about the Founding Fathers like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and others who charted the course of the country, gave form and substance to the ideals of Democracy and, in short, created the "American Dream" which has become an inspiration to people throughout the globe. At the same time, you have not shirked the negative features of American History: the injustice to the Indians and the Mexicans, the long and painful struggle for equal rights for the working men, the black people and women. The scary story of the notorious Sen. McCarthy is a part of this dark picture, which incidentally I lived through and remember vividly.
It must have been an immense task to do the necessary research for your manuscript. But every country in the world would profit to read the history of America in its own language. With your book, you have taken care of that for the Albanian nation. An attractive feature of the book, by the way, is the abundance of illustrations, which make the text far more vivid and attractive. I hope your book is well received, especially in Albania where it is needed the most. Above all, the political class there could profit greatly from a close reading of your book. Indeed, the Ministry of Education and Culture there would do well to use it as a history textbook in the school system of the country!
Congratulations for embarking on a bold and exciting journey, and for the good fruits of your dedicated efforts.

Journey in American History will be received by a wide audience among those Albanians both within the homeland and the Diaspora who wish to acquire a (basic) knowledge of the history of the United States. Author of "Children of Kosova-Stories of Horror”, a very well received book, with her new book "Journey into American History" Albana Lifschin has provided another valuable service for our compatriots.

(the excerpts were taken from Illyria newspaper, Feb. 6, 2004)

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